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As conflicts erupt across the globe, civilians are being forced to flee from their homes at an unprecedented rate. 

Prolonged conflicts mean short-term solutions often become permanent; refugee camps designed for emergency relief turn into long-term homes. Young victims spend most of their early lives here, robbed of their childhoods.


Within these areas, education systems are either grossly under-equipped or completely non-existent. Conflict isn't just forcing children from their homes; it is stealing their education. As a result, millions of children are being left behind, ill-equipped for life past displacement.


While conflicts eventually end, children returning home often lack sufficient education for basic employment and often fall into poverty. War then has a two-fold effect: it creates immediate danger from violence and a long-term danger from improper development. The cycle of poverty extends far past the end of the war. While emergency relief addresses the most urgent needs, there is a notable gap in developmental projects, especially regarding education. There is a drastic need for education for refugee and displaced children. 

If this need is not met, a generation of children will be lost.